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Choosing a Canopy – Icarus Canopies – Check it out for more information on canopiesCHOOSING A CANOPY This article is meant as a guide only, there are many factors that come into play such as competence, DZ Altitude,

New changeable mode Cypres 2

CHANGEABLE MODE CYPRES 2 For the professional user  MODE CYPRES 2 is the next step in our AAD technology and combines the CYPRES proverbial “Reliability made in Germany“ with the desire for enhanced

How to check your canopy

With winter on its way we will all find ourselves at the drop zone with nothing to do at some point soon. Check out this video from  the PD team to see

Reserve Re-Packs

Reserve Re-Packs According to the BPA Ops Manuel Section 6 EQUIPMENT  8.10. Repack Cycles:  Parachutes must be packed at least every 6 calendar months. We all know that this six months rolls around unexpectedly

All you need to know about line sets

Canopy Relines All the questions answered about which line type is best for your canopy in these PD videos by John LeBlanc. Dacron Lines Kevlar Lines Microline (Spectra) lines Vectran lines   HMA

How the skyhook works

Not sure how the skyhook works and why it came into being, check out this video form the man behind the idea Bill Booth: