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Accelerated Freefall:

Accelerated freefall is the most efficent way to learn to skydive. It works by completing a comprehensive ground school which teaches you the freefall skills necessary to complete a skydive from flight level15,000ft. You have your own parachute and two instructors, one either side of you to check you practicing to pull the parachute and give you in air coaching to improve your body position. At 6000ft you will check your altimeter and signal to the instructors that you are going to pull your own parachute, if you have trouble locating the toggle your instructors can assist you. Once the parachute is open you carry out a series of checks and set off on your simple landing pattern. You are equipped with a radio so you instructors can give you some guidance if you need it.

Accelerated Freefall follows a progression system consisting of eight jumps. The system offers personal in air coaching on each jump and is designed to expand your skills and confidence every time you jump. If you are unable to complete the exercises on a particular skydive we can redo the jump and maybe give you some other exercises to overcome the difficulties you are having.

Once you have completed the eight jumps, the fun real begins and you can jump by yourself and complete ten consolidation jumps practicing backloops, front loops and all kinds of exciting exits. Now with a couple of safety briefs you are a fully qualified skydiver, and ready to explore the skies! From here the sky is the limit, we all have our different goals some want to fly with their friends others try wingsuiting but you with skydiving there are always new goals and exciting things to try.