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Company founder Helmut Cloth decided to replace the old and faulty technology for opening devices, which was on the market at that time, with an absolutely reliable electronic device. The result was revolutionary: the first CYPRES was ready in 1991 and became the first electronic opening device in the skydiving world. Innovative research and expertise, and an extremely precise manufacturing process as well, made the CYPRES quickly the synonym for most reliable AADs worldwide. Like no other device, the CYPRES has set new standards for safety and reliability ever since. It has become the indispensable part of skydiving equipment and a major factor in the skydiving world.AIRTEC has also become one of the most successful medium-sized companies in Germany, with a worldwide network of dealerships on every continent in the world.

CYPRES – High technology with top quality made in Germany


Cypres2 Users Guide

Cypres Users Guide



Cypres_Packers Checklist 2005

Cypres Water Resistant Kit

Military Cypres-1 Users Manual

Military Cypres-2 Users Manual



Activation Altitude

Non Responsive Cypres 2 Unit – Jan 13

Cypres 2 Blank Display

Cypres_Loops – 2011

Cypres Discs – 2010

Service_Bulletin_April 08

Service_Bulletin_Self  Test – Jan 08

Silver Sleeve 1999

Cutter Location – 2004