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Extreme VX

The VX enjoys many of the same design features as the FX including constant aspect ratio varying cell widths, a fully formed nose, and zero dynamic distortion. The pack volume is around 5% greater


  From openings to landings: Stress-Free Fun. The Pulse is a lightly elliptical nine cell canopy designed for the active intermediate to experienced “fun jumper.” Pack volume has been reduced significantly by


The Navigator is a state of the art student canopy. It offers an unparalleled combination of performance, forgiveness and durability, while providing the ability to raise the level of student canopy piloting


  Lightning Line Trim 113-143 Lightning Line Trim 160-176 Lightning Line Trim 193 – 253 What PD say about it: If you are serious about C.R.W., then there really is only one


Katana Flight Characteristics Katana Line Trim Chart What PD say about it: So you’ve decided to step it up from your Sabre2… The Katana is a fully elliptical nine cell canopy that