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Velocity Sports Equipment

Web  Site: VSE has grown year after year by building a quality product and backing it up with fair and fast service. This is a “hidden” value that, typically, only Infinity™ owners


In 2005 United Parachute Technologies bought the assets of Relative Workshop. Relative work shop and the owner of the company, Bill Booth have, over the last thirty years made some of the

Sunrise Rigging (wings)

  Sunrise Manufacturing, located in World Famous Zephyrhills, Florida. They are the proud manufacturer of the innovative Wings Harness/Container System. Sunrise Manufacturing International is owned and operated by Henri Pohjolainen. Henri, a

Rigging Innovations

  Website: Sandy Reid worked in the parachute industry for several years for companies such as Relative Workshop (UPT), Sky Supplies (Mirage), PISA (Aerodyne) and Westgaard Parachute. In 1984 he designed the prototype

Parachutes De France

  Cant seam to find much info on these guys, when they started etc. If any one wants to send me some company details I will add them here….. Cheers.  

Mirage Systems

Mirage Systems, Inc. Mirage Systems we do one thing and do it very well. They produce high quality harness/container systems. Mirage Systems strives for the highest level of refinement in design, materials,

Aerodyne Containers

Aerodyne Research was founded in 1989 by Bill Hazlett a passionate Canopy Formation competitor. He decided to incorporate the ideas he had into ram air canopies specifically designed for Canopy Relative Work, from


In Sun Path Products Inc started building the Javelin harness and container system in 1987 in Zephyrhills FL. They have now been going over 20 years and made tens of thousands of rigs.