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Parachute reserve re pack

Reserve Re-Packs

According to the BPA Ops Manuel Section 6 EQUIPMENT  8.10. Repack Cycles:  Parachutes must be packed at least every 6 calendar months. We all know that this six months rolls around unexpectedly and too quickly. Airworx offers a professional and reliable service to get your parachute back on the road quickly and safely.








We take great pride every reserve we pack.

The reserve packing area is a clean carpeted area which has a shadow tool board directly accessible. This way it is easy to check tools and insure there is no way any tools or contamination can be packed into you reserve.

Every set of kit is hung, aired and inspected (main and reserve). We don’t cut corners by not bothering to unpack the main like some others obviously have done in the past!!! Every aspect of the equipment is checked: the pilot chute, the canopy, lines, connector links, risers, harness and container, reserve ripcord and obviously replace your closing loops.

It’s not just a case of packing the reserve, we also do a check to see if there are any Safety Notices in place for your equipment or any mods that may be worth while adding. We keep an ongoing database of equipment information so if you want to you can have a look too.

To get your equipment to us:

Contact us on 07849693555 and we can arrange a courier collection and return for a very reasonable charge.