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Sandy Reid worked in the parachute industry for several years for companies such as Relative Workshop (UPT), Sky Supplies (Mirage), PISA (Aerodyne) and Westgaard Parachute. In 1984 he designed the prototype Talon in his garage! Over the next year he refined the design and with the help of his (now) wife Brenda started RI. Being based in Perris CA they found a ready market in the Perris and Elsinore DZs. Over time the word spread and RI grew with the addition of the Telesis student rig in 1988 and other designs over the years. There vision has always been to simply build the best quality, most advanced rig in the world and to provide the best customer serve to the jumping community. The introduction of the new Voodoo Curv and the CPX accuracy rig, they are setting the bar even higher for the industry.

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