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General Information

You will first be taken through ground training, which lasts approximately 20 minutes.  In this ground training, your skydive will be explained to you by an Instructor.  You will also practice the body position and get the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. After ground training you will be ready to skydive! When the aircraft and instructor are ready you will be given a jump suit and the harness fitted.  This will be followed by a 20 minute climb to 15,000 ( the highest tandem skydive in the UK).  You will be strapped to your instructor and when you have reached jump altitude, you will exit the aircraft and experience approximately 40 seconds of freefall until the parachute is deployed.  The canopy ride to the ground is around 5 minutes, time to take in the view. Throughout the whole skydive you are attached to your instructor by the harness so all you need to do is enjoy it!

Eligibility to Skydive

Every tandem student needs to fill in a British Parachute Association, Student Tandem Parachutist Declaration of Fitness (Form 115(ii). YOU MUST BRING THIS FORM ON THE DAY. Please read this form carefully and fill in actually. People with an existing medical condition or disability must consult the Dropzone in advance to ascertain their suitability to jump.




Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions?

Age 15 and below: Unfortunately you need to be 16 to jump but give us a call about booking into a wind tunnel (a skydiving simulator)

Ages 16 – 17 years: Must have the attached medical declaration form signed by a Parent / guardian (in the witness box).

Ages 18 – 39 years: Read the ‘notes for parachutists’ on the reverse of the medical declaration form.  If you have any medical concerns seek advise from your doctor.

Ages 40 + years: Must see your doctor and have the medical declaration form signed and stamped. There is a section of doctors notes on the reverse of the medical form for referral by the doctor.

Ages 60 + years: Must see your doctor and have the medical declaration form signed and stamped.  With final assessment on the day by tandem instructor.

How long will it take? The experience from your 20min call until landing back on the ground will take about an hour but please be prepared to spend the whole day at the Parachute Centre. Every effort is made to get you into the air as soon as possible but sometimes delays are unavoidable especially if there are a lot of jumpers or the weather is marginal.  We advise that you bring a book or you can watch the other skydiving activities.

Is there a weight limit? Maximum weight is 15 stone and weight should be in proportion to height.

What should I wear? Jeans, tracksuit, leggings or sports clothing with a sweatshirt or t-shirt is ideal. We will give you a jumpsuit so you just want some thing combatable to go under it. On your feet Training shoes (No boots or shoes with hooks) and gloves in case the weather turns chilly.

Is there food available? A range of hot and cold snacks are available from approximately 0900 at our drop zone canteen.

What if I don’t get to jump on the day? Parachuting is a weather dependent sport.  If you are unable to jump on the date of your course, alternative dates will be made available.

How about fitness?  All aspects of ground training must be completed.  The centre reserves the right to refuse an individual to jump.

What does the cost cover? The costs cover the training, BPA 3rd party insurance, your tandem skydive, parachute equipment hire and the parachute packing.